Dog Toys Are More Than Just Fun Time
Dogs and toys go together like tea and biscuits! They are a fantastic way to enrich the lives of our furry companions by providing mental stimulation, physical exercise and emotional comfort, all of which are crucial for a happy and healthy dog. Toys can keep dogs occupied for hours, which can help alleviate boredom and prevent destructive behaviour, not only are they a great way to bond with your dog, but they also provide tons of benefits you might not have thought for your beloved pets. For example, puppies may benefit from softer toys that are gentle on their developing teeth and gums, while older dogs may need toys that are easy to grip and play with. For active dogs, toys that require physical activity, such as fetch toys, can help burn off excess energy. Let’s not forget the more chilled-out companion that likes to cuddle & suckle. 

Dog With Cuddle Toy

Choosing The Right Toy For Your Dog


Training Dog toys are a great way to educate and stimulate your pup these toys can be used as rewards for good behaviour. Coachi is a brand that specialises in training toys. Their Coachies Tuggi Hide Dog and Coachies Tuggi Helix Dog Toy🔜 are both great to develop recall with your dog & help them to learn new tricks and commands.  


Mental Stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Toys that challenge your pup's mind can help improve cognitive function and prevent boredom. Nina Ottosson and K9 Pursuits ⛎are brands that specialise in interactive puzzle toys. These toys require your dog to use its problem-solving skills to retrieve treats hidden inside. 


Toys can help boost your dog's confidence. Interactive toys that require your pup to work for a reward can help them feel accomplished and confident. All For Paws is a brand that specialises in interactive toys, such as the All For Paws Fetch N Treat and All For Paws Hide N Slide♐ which will reward with a tasty treat at the end. These toys can help your dog build confidence and self-esteem even when you’re not around.


Some toys are designed to help calm and soothe anxious dogs. Aromadog is a brand that specialises in calming toys, such as the Aromadog Calming Fleece Toy and Aromadog Calming Security Blanketꦛ dog toy. These toys are infused with calming scents and can help relax your pup during stressful situations. 

Removing Excess Energy

Some breeds have excess energy they can benefit from toys that provide an outlet for that energy. Three PM Zoomies anyone? CHUCKIT products include high-energy toys, like the CHUCKIT Ultra tugꦆ, that are uniquely designed to exhaust your dog's energy.

Relieving Boredom

Boredom can lead to destructive behaviour in dogs. Toys can provide a healthy outlet for your pup's energy and prevent destructive behaviour. KONG chew toys, such as the KONG Classic and KONG Puppy toys൩ can help keep your pup entertained and relieve boredom and prevent the dreaded chewing around the house.


Toys can be used as a reward for good behaviour or as a way to motivate your dog during training. Using toys as a reward can be more effective than using treats because some dogs may become overweight or have digestive issues from too many treats. KONG offers an arrange of durable toys, such as the KONG Rewards Wally Tug Toy🌄 this toy is a great slow feeder that is not just engaging but helps to manage weight by extending mealtimes.

Toys To Be Mindful Of 

💯It’s important to be mindful that some toys may cause problems:

Ball Launchers

While these toys may seem like a fun way to play fetch with your pup, they can be quite dangerous. As the ball travels a lot further than a manual throw, it allows the dog to build up a much greater speed. The sudden twist and turn can then cause sprains and dislocations. You may want to consider one of these as a substitute.

Rope Toys

One of the main concerns with rope toys is their tendency to become frayed over time. When this happens, individual strands can pose a choking hazard or lead to gastrointestinal obstructions if ingested. Moreover, rope toys can accumulate bacteria in your dog's mouth, potentially causing health issues. To reduce these risks, consider investing in a heavy-duty rope toy made with durable materials like KONG Signature Rope.♍ Additionally, it's important to regularly wash and inspect your rope toys for signs of wear and tear, disposing of them once they start to fray.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys can be a fun and stimulating activity for most dogs, as they appeal to their natural hunting instincts. However, for dogs with a strong prey drive, the desire to extract and "kill" the squeaker can lead to problems, such as swallowing it. In these cases, it is best to remove the toy from play entirely and replace it with an alternative such as the KONG Wiggi Alligator or KONG Airdog Squeaker American Football so the fun doesn't have to stop for long.


Dog toys, especially those that are cheap or fake, may contain toxic materials that can harm dogs. PVC, Bisphenol A (BPA), Lead, chromium, and cadmium, have been linked to certain cancers, skin irritation & other health problems in dogs. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the right toy for your pet. When choosing a toy, make sure to read the label and check the materials used. Check out BECO dog toys are more eco-friendly alternatives. 

🍒Ultimately, the best way to pick the right toy for your pet is through trial and error. Observe how your dog interacts with different toys and choose the ones that they enjoy. Dog toys are a fun and beneficial way to bond with your furry friend. It is important to do your research, and carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of any pet product before making a purchase. Your pet's health and happiness should always be the top priority and remember as with all toys the first sign of excessive wear and tear or damage remove entirely and consider a replacement.  

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