About Your Dog's Club

Your Dog's Club is on a mission to improve the lives of our nation's beloved dogs. After all, they give us so much joy and deserve to lead the best life possible. We're proud to say that everything we do centres around giving your dog a healthier, happier, and even longer life.
We started as dog food specialists, bringing you only the best, but we couldn't stop there. So now we're also thrilled to bring you more joy-inducing toys than you can shake a KONG🌜 Safe Stix at, delicious and healthy treats, and the finest dog accessories you could ever need. Even better, we've teamed up with dog experts across the country to bring you comprehensive dog advice you can rely on.

Our Mission

Your Dog's Club's mission has always been about ensuring your dog lives a great life. We are here to support responsible dog ownership and owners from the day you bring your new family member home to their senior years. Our purpose of educating and supporting responsible dog ownership is based up the 5 domains of animal welfare.

The Five Domains Of Dog Animal Welfare

Dog Nutrition
The recipe for good dog health is in the food you put in their bowl. Good nutrition is vital; therefore, we only provide you with the best nutritionally rated dog foods. Many believe that highly nutritious dog foods are expensive and often beyond the budget of many, but this is not true. We stock leading brands, including Harringtons, Scrumbles, and James Wellbeloved🅰, all with high nutritional ratings and low prices. We have qualified dog nutritionists on hand, too, to help in your quest to find the dog food that is right for your dog and you!

Dog Behaviour
Your dog doesn't come with a 'how to' guide when their behaviour becomes challenging. What Your Dog's Club does offer is a team of qualified dog behaviourists who can provide you with excellent advice when you need it. Our Dog Blog is packed full of excellent advice and should always be your first port of call. From puppy teething to anxious dogs, we can help with advice and products to have you and your dog back in perfect harmony in no time! If you need more specific advice, please get in touch!❀ Our team will welcome you and your dog with open paws!

Dog Physical Health
Your dog's physical health is crucial. As a puppy grows, they need different nutritional and physical support compared to an adult and senior dog. Our nourishing dog foods and supplements will support your dog's physical health through all life stages, as will our extensive range of dog toys and accessories. Remember, physical exercise isn't just walkies; it's physical play such as fetch or a good game of tug. Our extensive range of dog toys﷽ will make playtime as fun for you as it will for your furry friend.

Environmental Impact
🎐 From the beginning, providing our customers with environmentally friendly, sustainable products across was essential. As an ethical company, we do all in our power to protect the environment for you and your dog. So, from environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable product composition to carbon-neutral courier partners, be confident your deliveries will have a minimal environmental impact.

Dog Mental Health
🐼 Your dog needs to feel safe and secure for optimum mental health. Improper nutrition, no stimulation, zero comforts, and a poor environment will lead to unhappiness and possible behavioural issues. As responsible dog owners, we know that you may need some support in determining their needs, and we are always on hand to help. Our team of dog experts are at the end of the phone or an email with advice on training and products that will give your dog a permanent spring in their step.

Our Charity Shareholders

Our dog focused mission supporting responsible dog ownership, not just for our customers but also for all the wider dog community across the UK, is a very real one and we’ve put our money where are mouth is and given 7 very deserving dog charities actual shares in our company.
The 7 charity shareholders were voted for by our customers and are shining beacons of the great work undertaken by volunteer organisations whether that’s saving dogs from being put down, providing care to unwanted seniors through to work undertaken in the rehabilitation of veterans and amazing work in the field of preventative care for people with life-threatening health conditions.
﷽ As well as shares in Your Dog’s Club, these super 7 also receive monthly food & treat packages from us and other support to help them to carry on their great work.

Supporting Wider Animal Welfare

Dogs aren't the only animals who deserve to enjoy life! When it comes to the animals that go into your dog's food – such as chickens, ducks, cows, and sheep – we only sell brands with traceable protein sources. This means we can directly track their meat sources to high-quality farms that support and promote good animal welfare. We look for free-range chickens with space to roam, wild boar and venison who have lived without boundaries, grass-fed lambs, used to frolicking in the fields, and more! This choice helps ethical farms flourish and encourages other farms to follow their lead so ALL animals can live great lives too!

Bringing You The Best Value

Finally, while our main purpose and our support of UK wide responsible dog ownership is vital, we’re also here to support our customers in every way we can. We have many ways to make your budget go further; we offer generous BONE-US rewards, which you can redeem for future purchases.
We invite you to Re-Fur A friend to earn yourself up to £15 in BONE-US rewards for you and £7.50 for your friend!
Our SU'PAW rewards club provides even greater value and savings with free shipping, enhanced BONE-US rewards, exclusive discounts plus unlimited dog expert and veterinary advice, tips and webinars.
꧑ All together we try and make it a GREAT life for you and your dog!