Our Expert Panel

We want to introduce you to our fantastic panel of dog experts. We are always keen to offer the best, including our advice. With this in mind, we have ensured that all our panel members hold highly respected canine qualifications, enabling them to provide you with comprehensive canine advice. With years of combined experience, our team of diligent doggy consultants can advise you on all aspects of dog ownership – from dog dieticians to dog behavioural experts; you can be confident that the advice you receive will come from the best experts in their field.

Sue Williamson - Groomer & Behaviourist

Sue lives in Leicestershire with her husband Paul, dogs Ritzi, Chic, Talis and Meesha the cat. Sue set up her own business “Happy Paws with Sue” after qualifying as a dog groomer in June 2016. She then qualified as a Tellington TTouch Training Practitioner in May 2017 and achieved P2 status in August 2019. In July 2019 Sue was awarded ACE Advanced Tutor status. She also has a qualification in Puppy Training (IABTC), a Diploma in Canine Behaviour (ISCP), Reiki For Dogs Level 2 and Silver Certified© in Low Stress Handling. Sue combines her skills to ensure all dogs are treated with care and respect. Sue is also a Kids Around Dogs Instructor delivering workshops at Leicester Animal Aid to help children be safer around dogs. Sue’s greatest passion is ensuring that all dogs are given the best grooming experience available, which means not necessarily achieving the best aesthetically pleasing groom, but prioritising the dogs emotional, mental and physical well-being. Sue is now at the forefront of consent-based grooming, educating guardians, groomers and other canine professionals.

Since the publication of her first book “Taking the Grrr out of Grooming Your Dog”, in 2019 Sue has gone on to publish “Taking the Grrr out of the Grooming Salon”, launched an online Educational Portal www.takingthegrrr.co.uk, and has an extremely successful and informative Facebook Group Taking the Grrr out of Grooming Dogs. Sue had an affinity with dogs from a very early age. Her first dog, Tina, was a Toy Poodle and the reason for her childhood dream of being a dog groomer. For 38 years Sue worked in administration, until finally, in 2015, she decided to follow her lifelong desire to work with dogs. Since then, she has built a reputation for gentle handling within the grooming environment and developed and delivered numerous workshops around the U.K. to teach groomers and canine guardians these simple, calming Animal Centred Education techniques.

Alyssa Ralph - Behaviourist & Nutritionist

Alyssa has always had an affinity for animals and has extensively worked to improve their well-being across multiple industries. This has taken her across the country, working as a welfare and behaviour advisor for UK zoos and assistance dog charities, before launching her pet dog consultancy, , in 2021. Science and ethics play a strong role in Alyssa’s work, and she is continuously progressing her knowledge and skills through education and CPD. Most notably, she holds a BSc(Hons) in Zoology, a PGDip in Canine & Feline Nutrition, and an MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics & Law, all of which help her to bring the best and most current of new scientific developments to her work. In 2018, Alyssa adopted her very own dog, Dougal. Dougal had a turbulent history before finding Alyssa, resulting in an incredibly scared dog with a track record of biting people and not coping with life’s challenges. He challenged Alyssa to put all of her experience into action, as he would become aggressive to anything that scared him (including people, dogs, cardboard boxes… even the wind!), be destructive in the home, toilet in the home and howl if left alone. Despite these challenges, with Alyssa’s guidance, he has developed into a goofy, fun-loving character with a lot of love to give. You can follow their adventures on the Facebook page,

Dougal also helped Alyssa to understand where her true passion lies: helping reactive dogs and their owners to understand each other and live together more harmoniously. Her work in this area has led her to develop the CALM Method, which has now helped numerous owners transform their lives with their dogs.

Lauren Sharkey - Trainer

Lauren is a journalist turned dog trainer based in Kent. She decided to help dogs and their families after learning about canine behaviour with the help of her "reactive" Shar Pei, Winston. was born in 2021, named after her best friend and inspiration. As she's committed to education and ethics, Lauren has gained several qualifications, including a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Applied Canine Behaviour (Compass), and is currently finishing up a degree-level behavioural qualification. She is an accredited Animal Training Instructor by the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC), a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer, and a full member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT). Her aim is to become a Clinical Animal Behaviourist in the near future. For now, she enjoys teaching people how to live harmoniously with their dogs, from puppyhood right up until old age. She uses scientific, reward-based methods to teach dogs important life skills and give everyone in the household the confidence to tackle training issues that may crop up in the future. Lauren can travel to homes throughout Kent (as well as certain parts of Essex and London) and holds virtual training sessions for people who live elsewhere in the UK or across the globe. So whether you're looking to build a strong bond with your new puppy or refresh an older dog's recall, she's here to help. Rescue is another passion of Lauren's. As well as working with dogs in family homes, she dedicates time to national and local rescue organisations, helping dogs in kennels, carrying out home-checks, and offering training support to new adopters.

Jen Leslie - Behaviourist & Nutritionist 

Jen’s passion in dog welfare and emotional wellbeing began in 2013 as a result of volunteering in a dog rescue working with the dogs finding it hard to find a home for behavioural reasons.  Having just graduated with a BSc in Psychology she quickly vowed to use her own voice to advocate for dogs; a role she has taken seriously since under her training & behaviour business ‘Calvert Canines’. She has studied dogs profusely through various courses including a Level 6 in Canine Behaviour and Welfare, Level 5 in Canine Nutrition and most recently, a Level 5 to specialise in Aggressive Behaviour Responses. Jen also has a special interest in little breeds and how their needs differ (or don’t) from larger breeds, having always shared her home with terrier types."

Buddycare - Veterinary Nurse

Built by vets and loved by pets, we're here to protect your pet & pocket! Not only are we animal obsessed proud pawrents ourselves, but we have decades of experience healing pets and saving lives. So we've ensured Buddycare goes beyond the basics and gives you everything your buddy needs, with specialist pet care products, free vet nurse consultations, and expert advice in our knowledge center, the BuddyHub. Fiona has been a vet nurse for over twenty years, working in practices all over the UK, as well as across Europe within both Spain, and most recently Greece. As Buddycare's Lead Veterinary Nurse she can chat to you about dental health, skin issues, exercise, puppies to senior pets and much more! Plus, she can create personalised care plans to support your pet's overall wellbeing.