Welcome through The Cat Flap - a little door that opens to a big world of purrfect products for your cats! From nutritious wet and dry cat foods and tastebud tempting cat treats to enriching cat toys. We're not just stopping at the fun bits either, cats are notoriously clean creatures, so we have also included cat litter and litter trays, as well as the products you need to scoop that cat poop! We have always focussed on providing the very best in nutrition and accessories for your dogs, and now we open that offering to your feline friends too. We bring you the nutritious cat food brands you know and love, with delicious choices from Applaws, Scrumbles, Purina, Eden and Little BigPaw. Is your cat constantly dreaming of treats? We've got those, too (including feline favourite, Dreamies). Prevent boredom and save your furniture from the cat's claws; we have a wide range of cat toys to entertain and enrich your cat's life (when they aren't napping). And speaking of napping, we know how much cats love their sleep, so we have hand-picked the best cat beds to relax and recharge; well, 18 hours of sleep a day can be utterly exhausting!