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Your Dog's Club
Your Dog’s Club Eat Great range of dry dog foods, puppy foods, and dog treats is part of a broader range of new products we are launching that your dog will LOVE because, well, THEY’RE GREAT!

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ADAPTIL for dogs is a natural releasing appeasing pheromone product that can help with the calming and reassurance of dogs in a variety of situations. Shop diffusers, sprays and even collars!

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All For Paws
All For Paws dog accessories are always innovative and designed to make life with your dog easier. Their cooling dog products are fantastic quality and really do keep your dog cool in hot weather.

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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home take in every animal who needs them. They give each one lots of love and find them a new home that’s just right for them. Your purchase will help Battersea to continue their important work.

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Beco dog food and dog toys are the perfect solution if you’re looking for planet-friendly ways to care for your dog. They specialise in creating eco-friendly dog food and sustainable dog toys.

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Bella Bowls
Functional and beautiful, Bella Bowls are truly the perfect pet dish. Bella Bowls bring new life to veterinarian-recommended stainless steel dog bowls and pet feeding dishes.

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100% natural, low fat tasty treats, full of goodness. Using a by-product from the brewing process means that Brewski’s Beer Biscuits are made sustainably – they’re pup cycled!

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Bunty dog accessories are some of the best affordable dog accessories around. From padded dog harnesses to snuggly dog beds, you’ll be sure to find something your dog loves.

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ChuckIt dog toys are perfect for playing fetch with! They are designed to be interactive toys so you can enjoy playtime as much as your dog does, and their bright colours maximise your dog’s excitement.

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The perfect collection of training items for your dog, from fun interactive toys to training whistles and accessories, Coachi has everything you need to train your new pup or existing dog.

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Danish Design
Danish Design always deliver super quality products throughout the UK and Europe. Everything they produce is designed to provide style, comfort and functionality for any discerning pet and owner.

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Dexas pet products are top of the range when it comes to mucky pups. Our favourite and most bestselling product is the Dexas Mudbuster, an innovative portable and easy to use paw cleaner.

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Dorwest is the leading authority on veterinary recommended herbal supplements for dogs. They provide natural remedies for a range of common dog ailments.

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Earth Animal
Earth Animal pride themselves on making the highest quality pet products, offering a healthy, natural alternative to rawhide. Their products help to promote healthy teeth and gums and are easy to digest.

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Eden Holistic Pet Foods
Eden dog food is some of the best nutrition you can offer your dog. Eden dog foods are gently steamed to help protect the integrity of the nutrients inside.

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Essential Foods
Essential Dog Food is one of the most highly nutritious dog brands on the market. We are very proud to have been awarded as a certified retailer by Essential.

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FatFace’s mission is to bring style and positivity their customers lives through their sustainably sourced products and their core values.

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Feelwells dog food are a Yorkshire based family run company dedicated to providing dogs with healthy, natural, hypo-allergenic, nutritious and tasty food & treats. Their foods don’t contain any wheat, sugar, salt, soya or GMO ingredients.

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Fish4Dogs offer high quality, hypo-allergenic dog treats and food containing high levels of naturally occurring Omega 3. A palatable, fish-rich diet can help with coat condition, skin condition, joint mobility and much more.

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Forthglade dog foods are high-quality, natural recipes made locally on the Devon coast. With a huge range of flavours in both dry and wet dog food, you’re bound to find a recipe that your dog will love.

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Frontline offer a range of preventative pesticide treatments for pets of all sizes, allowing you to keep fleas and ticks at bay.

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Green Pantry
Green Pantry is a holistic pet food company with natural, 100% locally sourced hypoallergenic ingredients. Their packaging is fully recyclable made from paper using water based ink.

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Green & Wilds
Green & Wild’s is an all-natural treat brand full of doggy goodness. Many of their treats have the ‘One Ingredient Award’ because they have only one ingredient, nothing else.

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Grub Club
Grubs Up! The perfect planet friendly, insect based treats for dogs made from 100% natural ingredients and approved by vets. Naturally hypoallergenic, grain-free and tasty.

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The HALTI range of accessories uses a humane approach dog training, with all products designed to be practical and comfortable for your dog.

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The Harringtons dog food range are made from ingredients that are locally sourced with recyclable, ecofriendly packaging.

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Henry Wag
Henry Wag dog products offer innovative solutions to travelling and any problems related to the experienced with outdoor living and pet travel. All your travel essentials under one roof.

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Hollings Dog Treats have been rewarding dogs with health and well being since 197. Their treats are made from high quality ingredients and are 100% natural.

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HuggleHounds toys are the must durable plush toys on the market. Handmade in the US, each toy comes with a squeaker in them with some containing multiple for bundles of joy!

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James Wellbeloved
James Wellbeloved’s healthy range of dry and wet dog food is made from quality ingredients, with each recipe being naturally hypoallergenic and easily digestible for sensitive tummies.

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With accessories from Joules your pup will be the ultimate style icon with matching coats, jumpers and pyjamas for the ultimate coordinated style.

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JR Pet Products
JR Pet Products are an award-winning company that produce and supply 100% natural dog food for dogs. They aim to use proteins from a single source in each of their products making it the healthier choice for your pup.

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K9 Pursuits
K9 Pursuits interactive dogs toys are made for boredom breaking, treat seeking fun for your dog. Great for dogs who eat to fast or who just need some extra mental stimulation.

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KONG was founded with the sole purpose of creating a toy for dogs with destructive chewing habits. KONG dog toys are tried and tested before they launch to provide the most satisfying and safe toy.

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LickiMats were developed by vets to improve the oral health and hygiene of our dogs, whilst helping reduce anxiety and aid training.

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Lifekey® Tap® technology turns the traditional dog tag into a smart pet ID that can store your pet's contact information, health data, and notify you when it's scanned.

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Lily's Kitchen
Lily's Kitchen wholesome dog food help create happy, healthy dogs. The delicious, natural recipes use proper ingredients for complete, balanced & nutritious diets.

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Little Big Paw
Little BigPaw create dog food that is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and grain free. No artificial preservatives, artificial colourants, flavourings, wheat, soya or dairy.

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Long Paws
Long Paws dog products are made with the outdoor dog in mind from reflective dog harnesses to rope slip dog leads and reflective collars.

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Quality dog grooming products that work. Mikki is the only UK grooming brand with professional, award winning endorsements, so you know its top stuff.

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Mountain Garden
Mountain Garden believe that pets deserve the best ingredients that are natural and safe for their skin and coat. Their natural pet range has been developed with your best friend.

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Nature's Variety
Nature’s Variety dog food contains the highest quality natural ingredients recognized from trusted suppliers. They specialise in a range of different foods such as kibble, raw, wet, and freeze-dried.

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Naturediet dog food is made from 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients in Norfolk. Naturediet is gently steam cooked to retain vital ingredients and mouth-watering flavour.

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Natures Menu
Nature’s Menu create human grade raw and wet dog food pouches that are made from only the freshest ingredients. Offering everythinig from convenient wet food pouches to healthy superfood snacks.

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Nerf dog toys are made to optimise design, performance and function by using durable materials such as poly-cotton infill, natural rubber and triple nylon stitching for hours of fun!

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Nuts For Pets
Nuts for pets offer super tasty, safe and natural peanut products including peanut butter and crunchy nutty toppers.

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Nylabone's veterinarian-recommended chew toys, edible chew treats, and innovative dental products promote good canine dental hygiene, occupy and entertain whilst also discouraging destructive chewing.

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Orbiloc is an LED safety light that makes you visible for upto 5km when out and about in the dark. Waterproof and reliable, Orbiloc can easily be attached to your dog’s collar or harness.

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Pet Munchies
Pet munchies dog treats are naturally low in fat, carbohydrates and salt, plus high in protein, free from any artificial colours or flavours with grain and gluten free options.

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Pet Remedy
Pet Remedy is a natural valerian based essential oil formula that helps stressed or over-stimulated dogs stay calm and relaxed.

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Pooch & Mutt
Pooch & Mutt have created an enhanced series of natural meals, treats and supplements with the optimal ingredients needed to boost their mood, behaviour & physical health.

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Pooch Snax porky ears which are made from 100%premium British pork and offer a safer & healthier alternative to rawhide treats with no cartilage and ligaments.

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Proflax dog supplements will help to keep your dog in the very best of health both physically and emotionally using unique formulations of concentrated active herbal ingredients.

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Ruffwear dog accessories are fantastic for the adventurous dog. Whether you’re scaling a mountain or paddleboarding across a lake, Ruffwear dog gear is up to the job.

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Scrumbles dog food have waged a war on runny poos and upset tummies! With plenty of added prebiotics and probiotics, Scrumbles dog food is the way to go if you want your dog to thrive.

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Simple Solution
Simple Solution is made from enzymatic formulas that utilises pet and family-safe ingredients to effectively remove pet stains and odours from carpet and soft furnishings.

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Snug & Cosy
Snug & Cosy manufacturer the highest quality beds with your pet’s comfort and needs in mind. Crafted from premium quality fabrics in a range of colours and sizes to suit every home interior.

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Soopa make super healthy dog treats that are low calorie, nutritious and also delicious. 100% natural, made from superfood ingredients and produced to human grade standard.

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SPORTSPET manufacture high quality & durable dog balls, from high bounce balls to squeaky tennis balls... there's a game of fetch to be had for dogs of all sizes.


The Bottled Baking Co.
The Bottled Baking Company make pooch safe baking mixes, all with human grade ingredients for you and your pooch can enjoy some drool worthy baked treats.

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The Innocent Hound
The Innocent Hound make high quality, healthy dog treats using locally sourced, sustainable, quality meat. The Innocent Hound are committed to supporting dog rescue charities with a zero food waste policy.

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The TropiClean grooming & dental ranges offer gentle cleaning for fur and teeth, with products made from natural ingedients and scents to leave your pup feeling super fresh.

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Twiggy Tags
Bold, attractive dog accessories that remain durable and hard-wearing for outdoor adventures. All Twiggy Tags products are designed and created to look good and be practical.

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Veni-Dog treats and chews are made from 100% pure air-dried venison meat, are gluten- free and hypo-allergenic making them suitable for dogs with intolerances.

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W’ZIS vegan dog treats are a fresh new take on traditional treats with unusual flavours and shapes. They come in reusable tins to keep the treats fresh and easy to carry with you on walks.

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YAKERS originate from the Himalayas and are made from skimmed yak cow’s milk and no additives besides lime and salt.

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YuMOVE are the UK's number 1 supplementary brand with different types ofYuMOVEavailable to tailor to your individual dog’s needs.

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