Your Dog’s Club Affiliate Programme
For Individuals, Businesses & Charities

Your Dog’s Club Affiliate Programme is a fun and exciting way to earn money, raise donations and increase your audience! Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny! We have all you need regarding marketing assets and amazing product information meaning you can be confident in the content you share with your legion of followers and if they buy, you can earn up to 8% on all the sales you generate.

Who Is This Marketing Programme For?

Canine Welfare Organisations & Rescue Centres
꧙ We provide you with the largest commission earning potential to help with your fund-raising activities. Not only that, you will also receive FREE products depending on the amount of revenue you generate each month.

Dog Bloggers & Influencers
꧅ We provide a generous commission level for both new and returning customers and of course as well as AWIN commissions we’d be happy to discuss other ways of working with you.

Voucher, Coupon, Cashback & General Content Sites
𒈔 We work with all of the top aggregators of content and voucher sites. If you have a dedicated point of content we’ll be glad to talk about seasonal uplift promotions and more.

‘Sign Me Pup’!

1. Register your company on and use invite code 64653758 – this code prevents you having to pay the AWIN admin fee that they usually charge new publishers

a. All you need to do is input your organisation details and the bank details that you want your commission payments to be sent to 2. Already on AWIN? Simply find the Your Dog’s Club advertiser account 24575 and click ‘Join’

3. When you are approved, you will receive an automated email to say you’ve been successful

4. Once approved, you can generate all your links on the AWIN platform and use these on your marketing channels and start earning commission

From here you can build links and gain access to our professionally designed marketing assets that makes generating content even easier. You can produce links to our homepage, specific brands such as KONG, Bunty, and even our own amazing range of dog foods and accessories, and even individual products. With products ranging from a couple of pounds to over £100, your earning potential is su’paw!

꧅ If you are completely new to affiliate marketing and would like to look at how this works in much greater detail, download our useful which will take you through the process step-by-step.